Thursday, 11 June 2015

Would You Rather : Beauty Edition

Hey guys! Today we are going to do the Would You Rather Beauty Edition tag!

#1: Would you rather only wear eye makeup or skin makeup?
Abida: skin makeup because you can hide your dark circles and spots and eye makeup doesn't do much anyway!
Phoebe: skin makeup as well because I have quite bad skin!

#2: Would you rather cut off all your hair, or never cut your hair again?
Abida: never cut my hair again because I love my hair!! I would never ever shave it off!!
Phoebe: shave it all off because I can always wear wigs instead and regrow my hair

#3: Would you rather always wear clothes too big, or too small?
Abida: too big because you can do things to the big clothes but with small clothes you can't!
Phoebe: too big because they are easier to style and they're comfier!

#4: If you were given £1000 to spend, would you rather buy clothes or makeup?
Abida: both because you have enough money to buy makeup and clothes and I love them equally!
Phoebe: both but if I had to choose one I'd say clothes because I have quite a lot of makeup already anyway!

#5: Would you rather wear lipstick as eyeliner, or eyeliner as lipstick?
Abida: eyeliner as lipstick because lipstick as eyeliner will look really weird and feel really uncomfortable and sticky!
Phoebe: eyeliner as lipstick for the same reasons and also some eyeliners are coloured so it might not look as weird as lipstick as eyeliner would!

#6: Would you rather never be able to fill in your brows or only fill them in using a sharpie? 
Abida: never fill them in because if you fill them in with a sharpie you'll probably look like look like a clown!
Phoebe: never fill them in because mine don't need filling in anyway!

#7: Would you rather never pluck your eyebrows, or never shave your legs?
Abida: never pluck my eyebrows because I don't want hairy legs ew!
Phoebe: never shave my legs because my leg hairs are blonde (tmi sorry) so you can't see them anyway, and also I would look like a werewolf if I didn't pluck my eyebrows!!!

Hope you enjoyed this, we certainly did!

Byeee x

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